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Room Seven - 2020/12/04

Room Seven

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Live Stream Agenda

Coding skills are fast becoming a necessity in the modern world and luckily, most kids find coding and associated technology super engaging to work with. Those skills can be applied to enhance learning and engagement across the curriculum. This workshop will focus on how to utilise coding devices across the curriculum, particularly in literacy and numeracy development. You should come away from this workshop with activities that you can use straight away in your maths and English rotations. These activities also have scope for use across other areas of the curriculum as they are readily adaptable. Beebots and Ozobots will be the tools we are working with primarily, however applications for use of Spheros will also be presented. If you have access to different coding devices in your school, these activities will still give you ideas for cross-curricular application.
The transition from arithmetic to algebraic thinking is challenging for lower secondary students. Two notable challenges for students’ algebraic thinking are the understanding of pronumerals, and results-orientated thinking from arithmetic (also known as ‘computational thinking’). Many mathematics educators are contributing to exploring instructional approaches in addressing these issues. Nowadays, digital gaming has played a prominent role in mathematics teaching and learning, to engage students in developing conceptual understanding. This seminar illustrates how an online card game-based activity supports students’ understanding of pronumerals, and the departure from computational thinking in an everyday classroom context. The activity is intended to be implemented at junior levels but the mathematical thinking can be incorporated into learning at senior years.
This session will demonstrate a 3-part lesson structure (Whole Class, Hands-On, Independent) that builds understanding using inquiry style questioning and hands-on resources to develop deep understand the big ideas of Maths. Participants will work through all three parts of at least one lesson to experience using the resources and inform discussion about the learning potential.
Asking questions that cause our students to think should be a priority to develop problem solving and critical reflection skills. But how can we use reflection prompts in lessons where students are working on differentiated activities? When our students, irrespective of their ability, engage in thinking and discussion around the same idea, everyone benefits. When we pose effective reflection prompts and allow students to further consider and share their own learning over time, everyone benefits. This session will explore: • Prioritising reflection time during your Maths lessons • Asking questions that cause thinking • Bringing students of all abilities into the reflection discussion To empower our students ensure they are able to grow from the mistakes they make, effective reflection plays a key role in every mathematics lesson.
Unfortunately Kylie Love is unable to present today.  We are able to present you with one of our popular sessions from Day One.

Are your students engaged with learning Maths? Are YOU confident with teaching Maths? This workshop is all about igniting the passion for the teaching and learning of maths. What are your strengths, and those of the students that we can tap into to make our lessons the ones that they look forward to? Look at ways of creating and using 'hooks' to motivate greater participation by students AND teachers, and learning maths through rich contexts. How can we incorporate maths across the curriculum? We will look at learning beyond the classroom. An interactive presentation that will leave you invigorated about teaching, and leaving with a wealth of ideas about how to make your maths lessons more meaningful, relevant and enjoyable.


#MAV20 Virtual Conference - A 2020 Vision: Engaging Mathematics
The Mathematical Association of Victoria
#MAV20 Virtual Conference - A 2020 Vision: Engaging Mathematics