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Room Nine - 2020/12/04

Room Nine

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Live Stream Agenda

Maths, Magic & More is a semester-long Years 9&10 elective subject in mathematics taught at Braemar College. It has been designed with student engagement at its heart, delving into areas that are often overlooked in the core mathematics program. In this workshop, I will show you how binary numbers can be used to make some fun magic tricks and how problems involving numbers of other bases can develop into quadratic equations. All you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure, and you should leave with some useful ideas and activities to try with your students.
Wodonga Senior Secondary College have implemented Mathematica as the computational tool for all VCE Mathematics subjects over the last several years. The session will cover selected computations, pedagogical techniques, assessment methodologies and higher orders of thinking enabled through the technology. This session will cover aspects included in Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and Further Maths.
Routine and clever use of the CAS calculator in past Methods 2 examinations has shown it to be advantageous and worth the time and effort in getting to know its workings. Generally, half of the multiple choice questions and many parts of the extended answer questions benefit from good calculator skills. This hands-on session will get you using the calculator to see just how helpful (or not) it was with this year’s questions. The most efficient methods will be presented and questions where the calculator should be avoided will be pointed out. The session is suitable for TI-Nspire and ClassPad users and the Casio ClassPad will be the featured CAS. Bring along your CAS calculator and a copy of the exam, if available.
Mathematical dispositions have been of interest to teachers for many years. For students to develop knowledge and flexibility in their thinking, they must have the confidence to take initiative and risks in their learning. The curriculum packed classroom context often has explicit teaching strategies for math knowledge and tools, but students beliefs, attitudes and values can often be left behind. In this interactive presentation, participants will have the opportunity to explore examples of mathematical disposition teaching from a secondary education context. While reflecting on their own practices and mathematical mindset, participants will discover how teaching dispositions engages students and prepares them for maths and numeracy in the real world.
We will take a look at what teachers have said is working for them from a successful 4 year project to build mathematics experts across participating Qld schools. Rob will go over 6 high yield activities/routines that teachers and students rated as the most influential on their dispostion to give maths a go.


#MAV20 Virtual Conference - A 2020 Vision: Engaging Mathematics
The Mathematical Association of Victoria
#MAV20 Virtual Conference - A 2020 Vision: Engaging Mathematics